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Please join the Oasis Education Subcommittee! Email us at:

This is a draft list intended to be used as an organizing tool, it's by no means complete! Help us to make this list more complete. Email additions to the address above, and let us know if you'd like to participate.

Watershed Educational Resources

Goal: Each of the resources shown below will link directly to the resource on the web.

Oasis maps and educational resources related to the NYC watershed

a) piers and waterfront access and NYC waterways

b) schools (with data about Green Schools and watershed education in schools)

c) forested land

d) Open Road guides to using Oasis

e) add more....

Watershed maps from sources other than Oasis

a) DEP maps of the NYC watershed

b) Watershed Agricultural Council maps

c) GoogleEarth maps link directly to a NYC watershed related map)

f) add more...

Watershed education groups and environmental education groups involved in watershed issues

a) DEP

b) Watershed Agricultural Council


d) Community Boathouses: Floating the Apple, New York Restoration Project, Rock the Boat, etc

e) Open Road

f) add more...

Educational Resources available on the NYC Watershed

a) DEP curricula and activity plans

b) Riverkeeper curricula

c) EEAC lesson plans

d) Watershed Agricultural Council watershed trip preparation guides and maps

e) add more...

Land Conservation groups involved in NYC watershed protection and education

a) The Trust for Public Land

b) Scenic Hudson

c) Dutchess Land Conservancy

d) Open Space Institute

e) add more... Professional Watershed organizations and watershed landowner support groups

a) Watershed Agricultural Council

b) add more...

Federal Agencies involved in NYC Watershed issues

a) USDA Forest Service

b) EPA

c) add more...

State Agencies involved in NYC Watershed issues

a) DEC

b) add more...

City Agencies involved in NYC Watershed issues

a) DEP

b) add more...

Below is a working draft of Oasis education projects, guides, and schools that use Oasis. Please email more!

Current projects: Guides We are revising guides for Oasis to reflect new data and Oasis design changes.

Schools The Education Subcommittee is compiling a list of schools, neighborhoods, and community boards that have used Oasis maps, resources, and data. We are using this list to improve our education related programs, develop closer relationships with Council people representing these neighborhoods, and to use to develop project support for Oasis and related education programs.

We need more information for the Schools list. Please email the education subcommittee at the address above with any additions.

Schools, neighborhoods, and community boards that have used Oasis maps, resources, and data

Schools Bronx PS 42, 43, 66, 64, 130

Brooklyn James Madison High School, PS 32, 217, 314, 328, El Puente Academy

Manhattan City As School High School, PS 15, 19, 34, 60, 134, 188, 242, Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ), East Side Community High School, RFK Academy (part of District 75 city wide special education programs), East Village Community School, Seward Park HS, New Design High School, Essex Street Academy, High School for Dual Language/Asian Studies,

Queens PS 65, 216,

Staten Island PS 45, PS 31

Neighborhoods Neighborhoods that have used Oasis for education related projects: Title VIII Tree maps: There were 322 trees surveyed in the 3 project sites: 50 in Hunts Point in the Bronx, 60 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and 212 in New Brighton on Staten Island.

Community Boards Community Boards that have used Oasis for education related projects:

1) Community Garden maps: Community Board's mapped by Open Road teams Bronx Brooklyn: CB 3 Manhattan: CB 3, 9 Queens Staten Island

2) Tree maps: Brooklyn CB 2

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