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In 2004, the OASIS Steering Committee set out to prepare a strategic plan that would result in a more formalized organizational structure, a transparent decision-making process for the OASIS website, and sustainable funding mechanisms.

After forming a subcommittee and hiring a professional planning consultant, the steering committee reconvened on May 25, 2006 to review and discuss the planning research results, recommendations, and next steps. You can view the agenda, presentation, and minutes from the meeting.


Outcomes of that meeting include:

Next steps

Work that still needs to be done includes:


The documents below provide the research results from our planning consultant and recommendations by the planning sub-committee.

  • Situation Paper (March 2005): interim report from Wolf Keens (March 2005)
  • Final Report (February 2006): final report from Wolf Keens (February 2006)
  • Planning milestones (as of Spring 2006): key strategic planning events over the past two years
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