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OASIS Adds Value to the City and the Region

Free and all in one place

The Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS) provides the richest source of community maps for New York City -- free and all in one place. It helps nonprofits, community groups, educators, students, public agencies, and local businesses develop a better understanding of their environment with interactive maps of open spaces, property information, transportation networks, and more.

A wealth of information brings return visitors

The OASIS website receives more than 300,000 visits per year, and people use OASIS to make more than 1 million maps of New York every year -- from citywide views down to specific parcels.

The website is the only place online to access and overlay more than 4 dozen different types of mapped information -- from parks, gardens, and habitat sites to ferry routes and subways to schools and soccer fields to detailed land use information and aerial photos.

We know it's valuable because three-quarters of OASIS website users are return visitors.

Unique data integration from disparate sources

It's also the only place online that integrates a wealth of "official" data from multiple city, state, and federal agencies with information collected by community groups -- local street tree plantings, community garden resources, waterfront resources, and more.

Support OASIS through Website Sponsorship

Your support can help keep this valuable resource freely accessible to the students and educators, nonprofit groups, city agency staff, and many more that rely on OASIS to understand their neighborhoods through freely accessible maps online.

We invite potential supporters to read the guidelines below regarding the sponsorship of the OASIS website and/or specific projects related to OASIS.

1) OASIS sponsorship

"Sponsorship" means a financial contribution to support the Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS). Sponsors will be acknowledged as described in #2 below.

  • The contribution may be provided as general support, in which case it will help offset the expenses involved in providing a free, comprehensive website that supports open space stewardship in the New York region; or
  • The contribution may be in support of a particular project or activity within OASIS, including a project led by one or more OASIS partner organizations, in which case the contribution may be provided directly to the partner organization or to OASIS itself.

2) Online acknowledgment

Sponsors will receive acknowledgment on the OASIS website ( in the form of a listing that includes their logo, name, link to their website, and a short note indicating they are a financial sponsor. If the sponsor requests not to be recognized, we will omit their information.

This acknowledgment will appear on a web page listing all supporting organizations that have contributed to or are participating in OASIS. These organizations may have supported and/or partnered with OASIS in non-financial ways -- for example, by providing data, assisting in the development of educational materials, and/or making volunteer resources available. We believe this format best illustrates the breadth of involvement that helps make OASIS a unique partnership.

The link from OASIS to the sponsor's website will either be to the sponsor's homepage, or a particular web page the sponsor may have created specifically describing their support of OASIS. OASIS will not link to sponsor web pages that describe specific products or services.

3) Time period for online acknowledgment

The sponsorship acknowledgment would remain on the OASIS website indefinitely, regardless of the time period reflected in the sponsorship contribution.

4) Sponsorship and OASIS mission

Sponsorship will in no way impact or influence OASIS's website content or organizational decision-making. Your support will help OASIS fulfill its mission of developing a robust, accessible information system that helps enhance the stewardship of open space so these areas are linked, diverse and sustainable for the benefit of all people, organisms, and ecosystems in and around New York City.

5) Fiscal information

Please contact the CUNY Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research, host of the OASIS website, regarding sponsorship contributions.

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