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Here's how people and organizations have benefited from the OASIS project and website, along with commentary from social networks. Please feel free to use these examples to decide how you can benefit from OASIS, and how you can participate!

Feedback via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc:

  • Felix Salmon, noted blogger at Reuters, said in September 2009 that the OASIS site is "the most amazing map of NYC I've ever played with."
  • Ride the City is the bike ride planning website in New York City (and other cities). They tweeted in Dec. 2009 that "NYC OASIS is by far the most sophisticated geospatial web service in the city."
  • GreenerGotham posted our Summer 2010 update about community gardens, noting that you can find gardens in NYC via the "amazing OASIS Map project".
  • When OASIS launched its updated maps in 2009, the Ministry of Type blog in the UK said "the new maps they’ve got are really quite lovely, and astonishingly detailed." (Dec. 2009)
    • This was picked up by MeFi (MetaFilter), the community weblog.
  • The electric-k blog also followed up on the Ministry of Type, adding that they were:
    • "pretty floored by the OASIS map developed by the center for urban research at CUNY (found via ministry of type – and i agree, the bare baseline maps are pretty sexy). the system allows you to view different geographical data overlays, including subways, parks, assorted zonings/districts, etc… all of which are color coded with user controlled visibility."

Partnership projects are listed here. Other examples are listed below:

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