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Initial investments

Between 2001 and 2005, the Forest Service provided more than $500,000 to develop, launch, and maintain OASIS as a pilot project. This amount was fully matched through volunteer time, equipment & software donations, free training & technical assistance, and data contributions. Other foundation grants and partner contributions helped leverage this support.

This seed funding has built an impressive website -- and one that is well-positioned to do even more to serve the New York region. Now that OASIS has expanded successfully beyond a proof of concept, the Steering Committee's goal is first to sustain OASIS, then to strengthen it in several ways.

Strategic planning for sustainability

In order to help meet these goals, OASIS commissioned a strategic plan in 2004, which was substantially completed earlier this year. The plan suggested several funding sources with ongoing potential in order to sustain OASIS over time, such as online sponsorship, public agency support, and joint fundraising for partner projects. We also surveyed OASIS website users to get their feedback on some of these options, and how we can improve the website.

The baseline operating costs for OASIS are currently $100,000 per year. This covers some salary and consultant expenses, technology and data costs, and operating expenses. It includes no outreach activities, nor does it include fundraising for partner activities (such as data collection, etc.).

We believe OASIS can do much more to provide a platform for community groups to display and map their data, be a vehicle for information sharing between organizations, and become more integrated with the city's educational institutions. This will involve more advanced technological capacity, broader outreach and training initiatives, and greater support for partner projects.

We've listed some of our priorities to improve the website here. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.

Ongoing support to leverage initial support

Your support will help offset the costs to sustain the project, as well as provide capital to help us meet the goal of enhancing the OASIS website and overall partnership. You can leverage that investment and help OASIS achieve a sustainable level of funding by:

  • Making a grant or contribution.
  • Providing project-specific support.
  • Sponsoring the website or a specific feature or data set on the website.


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