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The list below highlights interesting maps that you can find on OASIS. Sometimes the maps are related to a recent news report, other times they are suggestions from an OASIS website visitor or someone on the OASIS mapping team. Feel free to send us your maps and suggestions!



Community Data -- a new feature on OASIS, where (eventually) anyone will be able to add any mapped data to OASIS and explore the geographic relationships with the already-rich set of map layers on the site.

Combined Sewer Overflows. The NYC Transported blog focuses on all things waterfront in New York City. This post highlights the important, but often neglected, issue of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in New York. The blog reviews the latest online mapping sites with information on where the city's sewage and street runoff spills out into our rivers and creeks. It includes some great screenshots from OASIS showing how to use our maps to visualize the impact of these outfalls.


Mapping the waterfront. In its August 2010 Waterwire newsletter, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance reviewed several mapping projects that make it easy for you to map the waterfront in and around the NY/NJ Harbor. The article notes that OASIS "is popular because of its sizable ability to layer all kinds of disparate information such as census data, waterfront access points, parks, recreational facilities, environmental civic groups or hazardous waste areas. ... What's more, OASIS is continuously being updated."

The latest inventory of community gardens are mapped on OASIS, care of GrowNYC, helping local activists and others to evaluate the potential impacts of proposed new rules -- will gardens be protected from development, what neighborhoods are most affected, and how will the surrounding community be impacted.

Sherman Creek master plan context: how OASIS can help identify existing land use patterns, transit networks, nearby services and more -- to help plan for the area's future.

Historic maps from New York Public Library are overlain with current street grid on OASIS, highlighting location of scuttled ship found at WTC site -- featuring our dynamic transparency tool.

Subway, bus, and bike routes have been updated (as of summer 2010) and included on OASIS's maps.


Mannahatta maps on OASIS

Stewardship mapping


Our first effort to integrate "before and after" aerial photos.

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